Ashley’s Lodge

Ashley’s Lodge

Country Lodge sleeping up to 14 in a beautiful setting overlooking Lough Erne, for yoga retreats, hen parties and holidays.

Holiday Rental for Groups of Families and Friends.

Ashley’s Lodge and Innish Beg Cottages, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, sleeps 5-14 in 5 bedrooms.

Ashley’s Lodge was built in 1916 on the family farm overlooking Lough Erne, 7 miles from Enniskillen. It has been renovated recently, keeping its character from this time but with all modern amenities.

All 5 bedrooms have an en suite bathroom with shower and toilet. There is also one master bathroom with bathtub. In total there are 5 double beds (one king size) and 2 single. An additional futon bed plus a cot are available on request.

NB: Minimum stay 2 nights, except July & August when it is 3 nights.

The setting of the house is beside the lake with picturesque views of Blaney Bay. Ashley’s Lodge and its garden grounds are situated in a very peaceful and private part of Innish Beg, a stones throw away from our jetty with access to our rowing boats on request. There is an extensive outdoor area with barbecue and seating areas to take in the natural beauty of your surroundings. There is a playground for children on site with swings and climbing bars.

There are many gourmet restaurants and a vibrant nightlife in Enniskillen town which is a short drive or cycle away.

The house is ideal for a group or family gatherings. We also cater groups like hen or stag parties, who wish to make use of our facilities on site.

We can offer relaxing breaks with Yoga classes and use of the sauna and hot tub in our Yoga Centre.

The lodge is part of Innishbeg Cottages with 3 more properties to choose from if your group is a little larger. We can accommodate up to 33 people in total.

Innish Beg Cottages consist of the traditional renovated cottage, Blaney Bay, which sleeps 2-3, and two purpose built houses, Blaney and Pushen Island Cottages. These cottages sleep eight people and have an open plan kitchen with dishwasher, dining and living area with an open fire down-stairs, as well as a double bedroom and shower room and toilet.

There are three bedrooms upstairs, one double and two twin-bedded, and a bathroom and toilet. Both have a patio over-looking the lake, are centrally-heated, fully furnished with pine throughout and Blaney Island has wheelchair access. Our aim is to provide a relaxing environment for our guests, but we ensure that there are also many opportunities to keep guests busy, should they wish.

Rates for Ashley’s Lodge

  Sterling Rates - £ Euro Rates - €
Per night£240
2 Nights£480
3 Nights£650
Full Week£1500

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Co. Fermanagh
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Phone: +44 (0) 777 559 2252

"Set within the orchard of Innish Beg Farm, Blaney Spa and Yoga Centre Ireland enjoys some of the finest views over lough erne. Leave, only to come back."

We are situated seven miles from Enniskillen at Blaney Bay in County Fermanagh, a lakeland area of unspoilt natural beauty renowned for its superb fishing, peace and tranquillity. Just a short drive from the Wild Atlantic Way we are ideally situated as your base for exploring throughout the west of Ireland.